NEAR MINT/MINT (NMNT/MINT) This is an unplayed card that may not be 100 % centered. Sometimes when the card goes through the collation machinery during packaging, the machines leave faint straight line scratches. We grade the majority of the out of pack cards as nmnt/mint

NEAR MINT (NMNT) This card is usually unplayed. The card shows almost no wear. It may have a few minor scratches or slight marks on the edges. The card may have some very minor scuffs from being transported.

FINE This card has definitely been played/scuffed but not heavily. It will have minor scratches in its surface and one or two edges may have some whitening of less than 1/16".

GOOD A heavily played card that will require black/red backed sleeves unless all cards in the deck are in this condition.

POOR Any card in less than good condition (has a rip, tear, crease, anything that will Mark it)