page last updated 04/03/2013


Knight Ware Inc

3709 Cahuenga Blvd West
Studio City, CA. 91604
(818) 769-7830


Store Hours:
Sun 11AM - 8 PM
Noon - 8 PM,
Fri, Noon - 10 PM
Sat, 11 AM - 10 PM PST
(818) 769-7830

Saturdays are open play for boardgames / RPG's

WARHAMMER: 40K open play one Saturday a month (see front page)
painting / assembly 1pm - 2pm
open play 2pm - 9pm

WarMachine / Hordes tournaments one Sunday a month (see front page) Noon start time

HeroClix on most Thursdays 6:30 PM
See google calendar for event format

Friday Nights are Magic Tournament Night
FNM Booster Draft 7pm
Casual Legacy 7PM

Tuesdays are Magic Casual Day (mostly EDH, some others)

We stock all curent Magic the Gathering Booster Packs and a have a huge singles inventory.
We stock Games Workshop WARHAMMER Fantasy and WARHAMMER 40K
We stock Privateer Press WarMachine/Hordes (most models available)
We have Boardgames:Catan (Settlers et. al. Mayfair Games), Carcassonne (and expansions, Rio Grande Games)
Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin card games +expansions, GURPS)
Chess, Checkers, Dominos and more

Free open gaming if nothing else is scheduled


Aside from Games, we carry some hobby supplies, (Paint/Brushes, glue, ...)
non sports trading cards
and Fantasy/Medieval/Kitchen cutlery


EMAIL any questions


Thank you for your interest