Knight Ware Inc.

**SaferLA update 7/14/2020**

Knight Ware has the following rules in place
so that we may remain open to the public

No instore gaming of any kind.

Stay home if you are not feeling well

Some form of face covering is mandatory.
(mask, bandana, ...)

Do your best to stay 6 feet away from anyone else that may be in the store.
I will have reminder tape on the floor.

One person at any time in any side/short aisle.
Two max in either of the 2 longer aisles.
*One at a time in front of the paint*

No customers allowed in the back/game room
or in/at the front tables.

If you take anything off a shelf and don't purchase it,
Please put it in one of the boxes I have designated
(the ones with the
Place Unwanted Unpurchased Items Here sign on them)
when you are finished looking at the item
so I can wipe it down before returning it to the shelf.

Loose dice/loose magic cards are a no touch without gloves
until things get better.
I can hold stuff up for examination but that's about it.

I don't think this will be an issue but
I will limit number of people in to the store to 6 or so.
I don't think I can keep more than that 6 feet apart.

I have alcohol spray, gloves and wipes as needed.

All credit cards and money are alcohol wiped or sprayed.

CC terminal and pen are wiped after each use.

Any questions, facebook me, email me
or call me (818) 769-7830 during business hours


Lori Saul
Knight Ware Inc.