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updated 10/23/2022

**Update 04/08/2022**
Please read/follow these updated linked rules so small businesses
like Knight Ware can stay open to serve the public

Another new Health order for LA County:
but not
Currently required to enter the premises.

Don't feel well, STAY HOME
I wipe/spray pretty much everything

Small in-store gaming / events have resumed
MTG FNM's are Fridays 7pm format: Legacy


Magic Legacy
Mini Staples Tourney

Sunday December 11, 2022
$10 Entry 1PM Start Time
Decklists Required get one here
REL is Competitive pending
acquisition of Comp REL Judge


Prize Pool:
2x Urza's Saga (NM) (MH2)
1x Cavern of Souls (NM) (2X2)
2x Scalding Tarn (NM) (MH2)
2x Wasteland (HP) (TP)
2x Lotus Petal (EX-) (TP)
1x Jace, the Mind Sculptor (NM) (A25)
1x Karakas (NM) (UMA)
1x Force of Negation (NM) (2X2)
1x Verdant Catacombs (NM) (MH2)
2x Thassa's Oracle (NM) (TBD)
1x Windswept Heath (NM-) (KTK)
2x Otawara, Soaring City (NM) (NEO)

Card Prizes will be based on attendance
players prizes to top 4 only* (5-8 will get store credit)

25-32 players prizes to top 8
33-36 players prizes to top 9
37-49 players prizes to top 10
41-42 players prizes to top 10 and 1 random
43-44 players prizes to top 10 and 2 randoms
*44 player CAP*


Magic Monthly Open Play
Vintage / OldSchool 93/94
As Vintage tournament attendance has been nonexistant,
it is being replaced with open play for the older formats.
This is a recurring 3rd Sunday of the month event.
I will run rounds if players request.


I am redoing the website categories.
I have begun updating the HTML to show/list
what inventory Knight Ware Inc. has in stock

Please be patient as my webcoding skills
are a bit rusty/ancient
(Most of website is HTML4)

Most Lists are very basic and many are
currently text only
*Not all links are ready*

Category Date last updated

Collectible (MTG), Non Collectible (Board)
Miniatures (40K), Role-Playing (D&D)
*Board Games
now linked*


Gaming Related Product
Dice,Painting and Modeling,
Miniatures - Non Random

Jigsaw Puzzles, Squishables


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deck lists from past Eternal events
Still a work in progress, comments welcome


Knight Ware now has 22 Magic Legacy decks
and 8 Vintage decks with 10/15 Playtest cards
available to borrow for our tournaments

**some need updating**

Store Hours
Sun 11AM - 8 PM PT
Tues-Thur Noon - 8 PM PT
Fri, Noon - 10 PM PT
Sat, 11 AM - 10 PM PT
(818) 769-7830


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