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Barrin's Codex NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Cathodion NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Chimeric Staff NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Citanul Flute NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 ARTIFACT
Claws Of Gix NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 ARTIFACT
Copper Gnomes NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Crystal Chimes NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Dragon Blood NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 ARTIFACT
Endoskeleton NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Fluctuator NMNT/MINT 3.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Grafted Skullcap NMNT/MINT 2.50   R1 ARTIFACT
Hopping Automaton NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Karn, Silver Golem NMNT/MINT 3.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Lifeline NMNT/MINT 6.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Lotus Blossom NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Metrognome NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Mishra's Helix NMNT/MINT 3.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Mobile Fort NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Noetic Scales NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Phyrexian Colossus NMNT/MINT 6.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Phyrexian Processor NMNT/MINT 8.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Purging Scythe NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Smokestack NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 ARTIFACT
Temporal Aperture NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 ARTIFACT
Thran Turbine NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Umbilicus NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Urza's Armor NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 ARTIFACT
Voltaic Key NMNT/MINT 3.00   U1 ARTIFACT
Wall Of Junk NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Whetstone NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 ARTIFACT
Wirecat NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 ARTIFACT
Worn Powerstone NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 ARTIFACT
Abyssal Horror NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Befoul NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 BLACK
Bereavement NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Blood Vassal NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Bog Raiders NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Breach NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Cackling Fiend NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Carrion Beetles NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Contamination NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 BLACK
Corrupt NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 BLACK
Crazed Skirge NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Dark Hatchling NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Dark Ritual NMNT/MINT 0.50   C1 BLACK
Darkest Hour NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 BLACK
Despondency NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Diabolic Servitude NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Discordant Dirge NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Duress NMNT/MINT 2.00   C1 BLACK
Eastern Paladin NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 BLACK
Exhume NMNT/MINT 1.50   C1 BLACK
Expunge NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Flesh Reaver NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Hollow Dogs NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Ill-gotten Gains NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Looming Shade NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Lurking Evil NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Mana Leech NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
No Rest For The Wicked NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Oppression NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Order Of Yawgmoth NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Parasitic Bond NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Persecute NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 BLACK
Pestilence NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Phyrexian Ghoul NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Planar Void NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 BLACK
Priest Of Gix NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 BLACK
Rain Of Filth NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Ravenous Skirge NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Reclusive Wight NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Reprocess NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Sanguine Guard NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Sicken NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Skirge Familiar NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Skittering Skirge NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Sleeper Agent NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 BLACK
Spined Fluke NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Tainted Aether NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Unnerve NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Unworthy Dead NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLACK
Vampiric Embrace NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 BLACK
Vebulid NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Victimize NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 BLACK
Vile Requiem NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Western Paladin NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 BLACK
Witch Engine NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLACK
Yawgmoth's Edict NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLACK
Yawgmoth's Will NMNT/MINT 5.00   R1 BLACK
Academy Researchers NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Annul NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 BLUE
Arcane Laboratory NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 BLUE
Attunement NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 BLUE
Back To Basics NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 BLUE
Barrin, Master Wizard NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 BLUE
Catalog NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Cloak Of Mists NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Confiscate NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 BLUE
Coral Merfolk NMNT/MINT 0.10   C1 BLUE
Curfew NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Disruptive Student NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Douse NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Drifting Djinn NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLUE
Enchantment Alteration NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Energy Field NMNT/MINT 2.50   R1 BLUE
Exhaustion NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Fog Bank NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 BLUE
Gilded Drake NMNT/MINT 8.00   R1 BLUE
Great Whale NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 BLUE
Hermetic Study NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Hibernation NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 BLUE
Horseshoe Crab NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Imaginary Pet NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLUE
Launch NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Lilting Refrain NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Lingering Mirage NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Morphling NMNT/MINT 18.00   R1 BLUE
Pendrell Drake NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Pendrell Flux NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Peregrine Drake NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Power Sink NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 BLUE
Power Taint NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Recantation NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLUE
Rescind NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Rewind NMNT/MINT 0.50   C1 BLUE
Sandbar Merfolk NMNT/MINT 0.10   C1 BLUE
Sandbar Serpent NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Show And Tell NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLUE
Somnophore NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 BLUE
Spire Owl NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Stern Proctor NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Stroke Of Genius NMNT/MINT 7.00   R1 BLUE
Sunder NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLUE
Telepathy NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 BLUE
Time Spiral NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 BLUE
Tolarian Winds NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 BLUE
Turnabout NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 BLUE
Veil Of Birds NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Veiled Apparition NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Veiled Crocodile NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLUE
Veiled Sentry NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 BLUE
Veiled Serpent NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Windfall NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 BLUE
Wizard Mentor NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 BLUE
Zephid NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 BLUE
Zephid's Embrace NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 BLUE
Abundance NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 GREEN
Acridian NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Albino Troll NMNT/MINT 2.00   U1 GREEN
Anaconda NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Argothian Elder NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Argothian Enchantress NMNT/MINT 8.00   R1 GREEN
Argothian Swine NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Argothian Wurm NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 GREEN
Blanchwood Armor NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 GREEN
Blanchwood Treefolk NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Bull Hippo NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Carpet Of Flowers NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Cave Tiger NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Child Of Gaea NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 GREEN
Citanul Centaurs NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 GREEN
Citanul Hierophants NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 GREEN
Cradle Guard NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 GREEN
Crosswinds NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Elvish Herder NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Elvish Lyrist NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 GREEN
Endless Wurm NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 GREEN
Exploration NMNT/MINT 10.00   R1 GREEN
Fecundity NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Fertile Ground NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 GREEN
Fortitude NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Gaea's Bounty NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Gaea's Embrace NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 GREEN
Gorilla Warrior NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Greater Good NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 GREEN
Greener Pastures NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 GREEN
Hawkeater Moth NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Hidden Ancients NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Hidden Guerrillas NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Hidden Herd NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 GREEN
Hidden Predators NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 GREEN
Hidden Spider NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Hidden Stag NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 GREEN
Hush NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Lull NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Midsummer Revel NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 GREEN
Pouncing Jaguar NMNT/MINT 0.50   C1 GREEN
Priest Of Titania NMNT/MINT 2.00   C1 GREEN
Rejuvenate NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Retaliation NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Sporogenesis NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 GREEN
Spreading Algae NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Symbiosis NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Titania's Boon NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 GREEN
Titania's Chosen NMNT/MINT 1.50   U1 GREEN
Treefolk Seedlings NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Treetop Rangers NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Venomous Fangs NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Vernal Bloom NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 GREEN
War Dance NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 GREEN
Whirlwind NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 GREEN
Wild Dogs NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 GREEN
Winding Wurm NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 GREEN
Blasted Landscape NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 LAND
Drifting Meadow NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 LAND
Gaea's Cradle NMNT/MINT 15.00   R1 LAND
Phyrexian Tower NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 LAND
Polluted Mire NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 LAND
Remote Isle NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 LAND
Serra's Sanctum NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 LAND
Shivan Gorge NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 LAND
Slippery Karst NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 LAND
Smoldering Crater NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 LAND
Thran Quarry NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 LAND
Tolarian Academy NMNT/MINT 8.00   R1 LAND
Acidic Soil NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Antagonism NMNT/MINT 0.50   R1 RED
Arc Lightning NMNT/MINT 0.10   C1 RED
Bedlam NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Brand NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Bravado NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 RED
Bulwark NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Crater Hellion NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 RED
Destructive Urge NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 RED
Disorder NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Dromosaur NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Electryte NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Falter NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Fault Line NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Fiery Mantle NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Fire Ants NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Gamble NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 RED
Goblin Cadets NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 RED
Goblin Lackey NMNT/MINT 3.00   U1 RED
Goblin Matron NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 RED
Goblin Offensive NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 RED
Goblin Patrol NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 RED
Goblin Raider NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Goblin Spelunkers NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Goblin War Buggy NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Guma NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Headlong Rush NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Heat Ray NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Jagged Lightning NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Lay Waste NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Lightning Dragon NMNT/MINT 7.00   R1 RED
Meltdown NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Okk NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Outmaneuver NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Rain Of Salt NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Raze NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Reflexes NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Retromancer NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Rumbling Crescendo NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Scald NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Scoria Wurm NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Scrap NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Shiv's Embrace NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 RED
Shivan Hellkite NMNT/MINT 5.00   R1 RED
Shivan Raptor NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Shower Of Sparks NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Sneak Attack NMNT/MINT 8.00   R1 RED
Steam Blast NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Sulfuric Vapors NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Thundering Giant NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Torch Song NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Viashino Outrider NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 RED
Viashino Runner NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Viashino Sandswimmer NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 RED
Viashino Weaponsmith NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 RED
Vug Lizard NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 RED
Wildfire NMNT/MINT 4.00   R1 RED
Absolute Grace NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 WHITE
Absolute Law NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 WHITE
Angelic Chorus NMNT/MINT 6.00   R1 WHITE
Angelic Page NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 WHITE
Brilliant Halo NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Catastrophe NMNT/MINT 2.50   R1 WHITE
Clear NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Congregate NMNT/MINT 1.00   C1 WHITE
Defensive Formation NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Disciple Of Grace NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Disciple Of Law NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Disenchant NMNT/MINT 0.25   C1 WHITE
Elite Archers NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 WHITE
Faith Healer NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 WHITE
Glorious Anthem NMNT/MINT 7.00   R1 WHITE
Healing Salve NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Herald Of Serra NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 WHITE
Humble NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 WHITE
Intrepid Hero NMNT/MINT 1.50   R1 WHITE
Monk Idealist NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Monk Realist NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Opal Acrolith NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Opal Archangel NMNT/MINT 3.00   R1 WHITE
Opal Caryatid NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Opal Gargoyle NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Opal Titan NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 WHITE
Pacifism NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Pariah NMNT/MINT 3.00   R1 WHITE
Path Of Peace NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Pegasus Charger NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Planar Birth NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 WHITE
Presence Of The Master NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Redeem NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Remembrance NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 WHITE
Rune Of Protection: Artifacts NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Rune Of Protection: Black NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Rune Of Protection: Blue NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Rune Of Protection: Green NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Rune Of Protection: Lands NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 WHITE
Rune Of Protection: Red NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Rune Of Protection: White NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Sanctum Custodian NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Sanctum Guardian NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Seasoned Marshal NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Serra Avatar NMNT/MINT 12.00   R1 WHITE
Serra Zealot NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Serra's Embrace NMNT/MINT 1.00   U1 WHITE
Serra's Hymn NMNT/MINT 0.50   U1 WHITE
Serra's Liturgy NMNT/MINT 1.00   R1 WHITE
Shimmering Barrier NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Silent Attendant NMNT/MINT 0.05   C1 WHITE
Songstitcher NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Soul Sculptor NMNT/MINT 2.00   R1 WHITE
Voice Of Grace NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Voice Of Law NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Waylay NMNT/MINT 0.25   U1 WHITE
Worship NMNT/MINT 6.00   R1 WHITE