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Balthor the Defiled 1.50   R1 Black
Cabal Therapy 4.00   U1 Black
Cabal Trainee 0.05   C1 Black
Death Wish 0.75   R1 Black
Earsplitting Rats 0.05   C1 Black
Filth 0.25   U1 Black
Grave Consequences 0.25   U1 Black
Guiltfeeder 2.00   R1 Black
Masked Gorgon 0.50   R1 Black
Morality Shift 0.50   R1 Black
Rats' Feast 0.05   C1 Black
Stitch Together 0.75   U1 Black
Sutured Ghoul 1.50   R1 Black
Toxic Stench 0.05   C1 Black
Treacherous Vampire 0.25   U1 Black
Treacherous Werewolf 0.05   C1 Black
Aven Fogbringer 0.05   C1 Blue
Cephalid Constable 0.50   R1 Blue
Cephalid Inkshrouder 0.25   U1 Blue
Cunning Wish 8.00   R1 Blue
Defy Gravity 0.05   C1 Blue
Envelop 0.05   C1 Blue
Flash of Insight 0.25   U1 Blue
Grip of Amnesia 0.05   C1 Blue
Hapless Researcher 0.05   C1 Blue
Keep Watch 0.05   C1 Blue
Laquatus's Disdain 0.25   U1 Blue
Lost in Thought 0.05   C1 Blue
Mental Note 0.25   C1 Blue
Mirror Wall 0.05   C1 Blue
Mist of Stagnation 0.50   R1 Blue
Quiet Speculation 0.50   U1 Blue
Scalpelexis 1.50   R1 Blue
Spelljack 0.75   R1 Blue
Telekinetic Bonds 0.50   R1 Blue
Web of Inertia 0.25   U1 Blue
Wonder 1.00   U1 Blue
Wormfang Behemoth 0.50   R1 Blue
Wormfang Crab 0.25   U1 Blue
Wormfang Drake 0.05   C1 Blue
Wormfang Manta 0.50   R1 Blue
Wormfang Newt 0.05   C1 Blue
Wormfang Turtle 0.25   U1 Blue
Anurid Brushhopper 1.50   R1 Gold
Hunting Grounds 1.50   R1 Gold
Mirari's Wake 4.00   R1 Gold
Phantom Nishoba 3.00   R1 Gold
Anurid Barkripper 0.05   C1 Green
Anurid Swarmsnapper 0.25   U1 Green
Battlefield Scrounger 0.05   C1 Green
Brawn 0.50   U1 Green
Canopy Claws 0.05   C1 Green
Centaur Rootcaster 0.05   C1 Green
Crush of Wurms 1.00   R1 Green
Elephant Guide 0.75   U1 Green
Epic Struggle 1.00   R1 Green
Erhnam Djinn 1.00   R1 Green
Exoskeletal Armor 0.50   U1 Green
Folk Medicine 0.05   C1 Green
Forcemage Advocate 0.25   U1 Green
Genesis 3.00   R1 Green
Giant Warthog 0.05   C1 Green
Grizzly Fate 0.25   U1 Green
Harvester Druid 0.05   C1 Green
Ironshell Beetle 0.05   C1 Green
Krosan Reclamation 0.50   U1 Green
Krosan Wayfarer 0.05   C1 Green
Living Wish 6.00   R1 Green
Nantuko Tracer 0.05   C1 Green
Nullmage Advocate 0.05   C1 Green
Phantom Centaur 0.75   U1 Green
Phantom Nantuko 0.75   R1 Green
Phantom Tiger 0.05   C1 Green
Seedtime 0.50   R1 Green
Serene Sunset 0.25   U1 Green
Sudden Strength 0.05   C1 Green
Sylvan Safekeeper 0.50   R1 Green
Thriss, Nantuko Primus 1.00   R1 Green
Tunneler Wurm 0.25   U1 Green
Venomous Vines 0.05   C1 Green
Krosan Verge 0.50   U1 Land
Nantuko Monastery 0.50   U1 Land
Riftstone Portal 0.50   U1 Land
Anger 1.00   U1 Red
Arcane Teachings 0.05   C1 Red
Barbarian Bully 0.05   C1 Red
Book Burning 0.50   C1 Red
Breaking Point 0.75   R1 Red
Browbeat 2.00   U1 Red
Burning Wish 7.00   R1 Red
Dwarven Bloodboiler 0.50   R1 Red
Dwarven Driller 0.50   U1 Red
Dwarven Scorcher 0.05   C1 Red
Ember Shot 0.05   C1 Red
Firecat Blitz 0.25   U1 Red
Flaring Pain 0.05   C1 Red
Fledgling Dragon 2.00   R1 Red
Goretusk Firebeast 0.05   C1 Red
Infectious Rage 0.25   U1 Red
Jeska, Warrior Adept 1.00   R1 Red
Lava Dart 0.25   C1 Red
Liberated Dwarf 0.05   C1 Red
Lightning Surge 0.50   R1 Red
Planar Chaos 0.25   U1 Red
Shaman's Trance 0.50   R1 Red
Soulgorger Orgg 0.25   U1 Red
Spellgorger Barbarian 0.05   C1 Red
Swelter 0.25   U1 Red
Swirling Sandstorm 0.05   C1 Red
Worldgorger Dragon 2.00   R1 Red
Ancestor's Chosen 0.50   U1 White
Aven Warcraft 0.25   U1 White
Battle Screech 0.50   U1 White
Battlewise Aven 0.05   C1 White
Benevolent Bodyguard 0.10   C1 White
Border Patrol 0.05   C1 White
Cagemail 0.05   C1 White
Chastise 0.50   U1 White
Commander Eesha 1.00   R1 White
Funeral Pyre 0.05   C1 White
Glory 1.50   R1 White
Golden Wish 0.50   R1 White
Guided Strike 0.05   C1 White
Lead Astray 0.05   C1 White
Nomad Mythmaker 0.50   R1 White
Phantom Flock 0.25   U1 White
Phantom Nomad 0.05   C1 White
Prismatic Strands 0.05   C1 White
Pulsemage Advocate 0.50   R1 White
Ray of Revelation 0.05   C1 White
Selfless Exorcist 0.50   R1 White
Shieldmage Advocate 0.05   C1 White
Silver Seraph 1.50   R1 White
Solitary Confinement 1.50   R1 White
Soulcatchers' Aerie 0.50   U1 White
Spirit Cairn 0.25   U1 White
Spurnmage Advocate 0.25   U1 White
Suntail Hawk 0.25   C1 White
Test of Endurance 2.50   R1 White
Trained Pronghorn 0.05   C1 White
Unquestioned Authority 0.50   U1 White
Valor 0.50   U1 White
Vigilant Sentry 0.05   C1 White

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