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Claws of Gix 0.50   TS Artifact
Dodecapod 0.50   TS Artifact
Feldon's Cane 0.75   TS Artifact
Grinning Totem 1.00   TS Artifact
Mindless Automaton 0.50   TS Artifact
Mirari 3.00   TS Artifact
Serrated Arrows 0.50   TS Artifact
The Rack 1.50   TS Artifact
Tormod's Crypt 2.00   TS Artifact
War Barge 0.75   TS Artifact
Avatar of Woe 8.00   TS Black
Bad Moon 4.00   TS Black
Conspiracy 0.50   TS Black
Darkness 1.00   TS Black
Dauthi Slayer 0.75   TS Black
Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore 0.50   TS Black
Faceless Butcher 0.50   TS Black
Funeral Charm 0.50   TS Black
Sengir Autocrat 1.00   TS Black
Shadow Guildmage 0.50   TS Black
Soul Collector 1.50   TS Black
Stupor 0.75   TS Black
Swamp Mosquito 0.25   TS Black
Twisted Abomination 0.25   TS Black
Uncle Istvan 0.25   TS Black
Undead Warchief 1.50   TS Black
Undertaker 0.25   TS Black
Withered Wretch 1.50   TS Black
Dandan 0.25   TS Blue
Flying Men 3.00   TS Blue
Ghost Ship 0.25   TS Blue
Giant Oyster 0.25   TS Blue
Leviathan 0.75   TS Blue
Lord of Atlantis 1.00   TS Blue
Merfolk Assassin 1.00   TS Blue
Mistform Ultimus 0.75   TS Blue
Ovinomancer 0.50   TS Blue
Pirate Ship 0.50   TS Blue
Prodigal Sorcerer 0.50   TS Blue
Psionic Blast 15.00   TS Blue
Sindbad 0.50   TS Blue
Stormscape Familiar 0.25   TS Blue
Unstable Mutation 0.50   TS Blue
Voidmage Prodigy 1.00   TS Blue
Whispers of the Muse 0.75   TS Blue
Willbender 0.50   TS Blue
Coalition Victory 1.00   TS Gold
Fiery Justice 0.75   TS Gold
Jasmine Boreal 0.50   TS Gold
Lightning Angel 3.00   TS Gold
Merieke Ri Berit 0.50   TS Gold
Mystic Enforcer 3.50   TS Gold
Mystic Snake 4.00   TS Gold
Nicol Bolas 4.00   TS Gold
Shadowmage Infiltrator 5.00   TS Gold
Sol'kanar the Swamp King 1.00   TS Gold
Spined Sliver 0.75   TS Gold
Stormbind 1.00   TS Gold
Teferi's Moat 0.75   TS Gold
Vhati il-Dal 0.75   TS Gold
Void 1.50   TS Gold
Avoid Fate 0.75   TS Green
Call of the Herd 8.00   TS Green
Cockatrice 0.75   TS Green
Craw Giant 0.50   TS Green
Gaea's Blessing 2.50   TS Green
Gaea's Liege 1.00   TS Green
Hail Storm 0.25   TS Green
Hunting Moa 0.25   TS Green
Jolrael, Empress of Beasts 0.50   TS Green
Krosan Cloudscraper 1.00   TS Green
Scragnoth 0.50   TS Green
Spike Feeder 0.50   TS Green
Spitting Slug 0.25   TS Green
Thallid 0.25   TS Green
Thornscape Battlemage 0.25   TS Green
Verdeloth the Ancient 0.75   TS Green
Wall of Roots 0.50   TS Green
Whirling Dervish 0.50   TS Green
Arena 1.00   TS Land
Desert 1.50   TS Land
Gemstone Mine 4.00   TS Land
Pendelhaven 2.50   TS Land
Safe Haven 0.75   TS Land
Avalanche Riders 1.00   TS Red
Browbeat 2.00   TS Red
Desolation Giant 0.50   TS Red
Disintegrate 0.75   TS Red
Dragon Whelp 0.75   TS Red
Dragonstorm 3.00   TS Red
Eron the Relentless 0.25   TS Red
Fiery Temper 0.50   TS Red
Fire Whip 0.50   TS Red
Goblin Snowman 0.25   TS Red
Kobold Taskmaster 2.00   TS Red
Orcish Librarian 0.50   TS Red
Orgg 0.25   TS Red
Pandemonium 1.50   TS Red
Suq'Ata Lancer 0.50   TS Red
Tribal Flames 0.25   TS Red
Uthden Troll 0.50   TS Red
Wildfire Emissary 0.50   TS Red
Assault/Battery 0.50   TS Split
Akroma, Angel of Wrath 15.00   TS White
Auratog 1.50   TS White
Celestial Dawn 1.00   TS White
Consecrate Land 1.50   TS White
Defiant Vanguard 0.50   TS White
Disenchant 0.50   TS White
Enduring Renewal 3.00   TS White
Essence Sliver 2.00   TS White
Honorable Passage 0.25   TS White
Icatian Javelineers 0.25   TS White
Moorish Cavalry 0.50   TS White
Resurrection 1.00   TS White
Sacred Mesa 1.50   TS White
Soltari Priest 2.00   TS White
Squire 0.25   TS White
Valor 0.50   TS White
Witch Hunter 0.50   TS White
Zhalfirin Commander 0.25   TS White
Assembly-Worker 0.25   U1 Artifact
Brass Gnat 0.10   C1 Artifact
Candles of Leng 0.50   R1 Artifact
Chromatic Star 0.25   C1 Artifact
Chronatog Totem 0.25   U1 Artifact
Clockwork Hydra 0.25   U1 Artifact
Foriysian Totem 0.50   U1 Artifact
Gauntlet of Power 3.00   R1 Artifact
Hivestone 1.00   R1 Artifact
Jhoira's Timebug 0.15   C1 Artifact
Locket of Yesterdays 0.25   U1 Artifact
Lotus Bloom 6.00   R1 Artifact
Paradise Plume 0.25   U1 Artifact
Phyrexian Totem 0.50   U1 Artifact
Prismatic Lens 0.15   C1 Artifact
Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII 0.75   R1 Artifact
Stuffy Doll 5.00   R1 Artifact
Thunder Totem 0.50   U1 Artifact
Triskelavus 0.50   R1 Artifact
Venser's Sliver 0.25   C1 Artifact
Weatherseed Totem 0.50   U1 Artifact
Assassinate 0.15   C1 Black
Basal Sliver 0.25   C1 Black
Call to the Netherworld 0.15   C1 Black
Corpulent Corpse 0.10   C1 Black
Curse of the Cabal 1.00   R1 Black
Cyclopean Giant 0.10   C1 Black
Dark Withering 0.15   C1 Black
Deathspore Thallid 0.15   C1 Black
Demonic Collusion 0.75   R1 Black
Dread Return 0.75   U1 Black
Drudge Reavers 0.10   C1 Black
Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder 1.00   R1 Black
Evil Eye of Urborg 0.25   U1 Black
Faceless Devourer 0.25   U1 Black
Fallen Ideal 0.25   U1 Black
Feebleness 0.10   C1 Black
Gorgon Recluse 0.10   C1 Black
Haunting Hymn 0.25   U1 Black
Liege of the Pit 0.75   R1 Black
Lim-Dul the Necromancer 0.75   R1 Black
Living End 1.00   R1 Black
Magus of the Mirror 0.75   R1 Black
Mana Skimmer 0.10   C1 Black
Mindlash Sliver 0.25   C1 Black
Mindstab 0.10   C1 Black
Nether Traitor 3.00   R1 Black
Nightshade Assassin 0.25   U1 Black
Phthisis 0.25   U1 Black
Pit Keeper 0.25   C1 Black
Plague Sliver 3.00   R1 Black
Premature Burial 0.25   U1 Black
Psychotic Episode 0.10   C1 Black
Sangrophage 0.10   C1 Black
Sengir Nosferatu 1.00   R1 Black
Skittering Monstrosity 0.25   U1 Black
Skulking Knight 0.10   C1 Black
Smallpox 0.75   U1 Black
Strangling Soot 0.10   C1 Black
Stronghold Overseer 1.50   R1 Black
Sudden Death 0.75   U1 Black
Sudden Spoiling 2.00   R1 Black
Tendrils of Corruption 0.10   C1 Black
Traitor's Clutch 0.10   C1 Black
Trespasser il-Vec 0.10   C1 Black
Urborg Syphon-Mage 0.10   C1 Black
Vampiric Sliver 0.75   U1 Black
Viscid Lemures 0.15   C1 Black
Ancestral Vision 4.00   R1 Blue
Bewilder 0.10   C1 Blue
Brine Elemental 0.25   U1 Blue
Cancel 0.50   C1 Blue
Careful Consideration 0.75   U1 Blue
Clockspinning 0.10   C1 Blue
Coral Trickster 0.10   C1 Blue
Crookclaw Transmuter 0.10   C1 Blue
Deep-Sea Kraken 2.00   R1 Blue
Draining Whelk 2.50   R1 Blue
Dream Stalker 0.10   C1 Blue
Drifter il-Dal 0.10   C1 Blue
Errant Ephemeron 0.10   C1 Blue
Eternity Snare 0.10   C1 Blue
Fathom Seer 0.10   C1 Blue
Fledgling Mawcor 0.25   U1 Blue
Fool's Demise 0.25   U1 Blue
Ixidron 0.50   R1 Blue
Looter il-Kor 0.25   C1 Blue
Magus of the Jar 0.75   R1 Blue
Moonlace 0.50   R1 Blue
Mystical Teachings 0.10   C1 Blue
Ophidian Eye 0.15   C1 Blue
Paradox Haze 0.50   U1 Blue
Psionic Sliver 0.75   R1 Blue
Riftwing Cloudskate 0.25   U1 Blue
Sage of Epityr 0.10   C1 Blue
Screeching Sliver 0.25   C1 Blue
Shadow Sliver 0.25   C1 Blue
Slipstream Serpent 0.10   C1 Blue
Snapback 0.10   C1 Blue
Spell Burst 0.75   U1 Blue
Spiketail Drakeling 0.10   C1 Blue
Sprite Noble 1.00   R1 Blue
Stormcloud Djinn 0.25   U1 Blue
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir 7.00   R1 Blue
Telekinetic Sliver 0.75   U1 Blue
Temporal Eddy 0.10   C1 Blue
Think Twice 0.15   C1 Blue
Tolarian Sentinel 0.10   C1 Blue
Trickbind 3.00   R1 Blue
Truth or Tale 0.50   U1 Blue
Vesuvan Shapeshifter 3.00   R1 Blue
Viscerid Deepwalker 0.10   C1 Blue
Voidmage Husher 0.25   U1 Blue
Walk the Aeons 1.50   R1 Blue
Wipe Away 0.50   U1 Blue
Dementia Sliver 0.50   U1 Gold
Dralnu, Lich Lord 0.75   R1 Gold
Firewake Sliver 0.50   U1 Gold
Ghostflame Sliver 0.50   U1 Gold
Harmonic Sliver 0.50   U1 Gold
Ith, High Arcanist 0.75   R1 Gold
Kaervek the Merciless 1.00   R1 Gold
Mishra, Artificer Prodigy 1.50   R1 Gold
Opaline Sliver 0.50   U1 Gold
Saffi Eriksdotter 2.00   R1 Gold
Scion of the Ur-Dragon 1.00   R1 Gold
Stonebrow, Krosan Hero 0.50   R1 Gold
AEther Web 0.10   C1 Green
Ashcoat Bear 0.10   C1 Green
Aspect of Mongoose 0.50   U1 Green
Chameleon Blur 0.10   C1 Green
Durkwood Baloth 0.10   C1 Green
Durkwood Tracker 0.25   U1 Green
Fungus Sliver 1.50   R1 Green
Gemhide Sliver 0.50   C1 Green
Glass Asp 0.10   C1 Green
Greenseeker 0.10   C1 Green
Havenwood Wurm 0.10   C1 Green
Herd Gnarr 0.15   C1 Green
Hypergenesis 0.75   R1 Green
Krosan Grip 0.75   U1 Green
Magus of the Candelabra 1.00   R1 Green
Might of Old Krosa 0.50   U1 Green
Might Sliver 0.75   U1 Green
Molder 0.10   C1 Green
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss 0.10   C1 Green
Nantuko Shaman 0.10   C1 Green
Pendelhaven Elder 0.50   U1 Green
Penumbra Spider 0.10   C1 Green
Phantom Wurm 0.25   U1 Green
Primal Forcemage 0.25   U1 Green
Savage Thallid 0.10   C1 Green
Scarwood Treefolk 0.10   C1 Green
Scryb Ranger 0.75   U1 Green
Search for Tomorrow 0.15   C1 Green
Spectral Force 3.00   R1 Green
Spike Tiller 0.50   R1 Green
Spinneret Sliver 0.25   C1 Green
Sporesower Thallid 0.25   U1 Green
Sprout 0.10   C1 Green
Squall Line 0.75   R1 Green
Stonewood Invocation 4.00   R1 Green
Strength in Numbers 0.10   C1 Green
Thallid Germinator 0.25   C1 Green
Thallid Shell-Dweller 0.10   C1 Green
Thelon of Havenwood 1.00   R1 Green
Thelonite Hermit 2.00   R1 Green
Thrill of the Hunt 0.10   C1 Green
Tromp the Domains 0.25   U1 Green
Unyaro Bees 0.50   R1 Green
Verdant Embrace 1.00   R1 Green
Wormwood Dryad 0.10   C1 Green
Wurmcalling 0.50   R1 Green
Yavimaya Dryad 0.50   U1 Green
Academy Ruins 2.50   R1 Land
Calciform Pools 0.75   U1 Land
Dreadship Reef 0.75   U1 Land
Flagstones of Trokair 8.00   R1 Land
Fungal Reaches 0.50   U1 Land
Gemstone Caverns 1.00   R1 Land
Kher Keep 1.00   R1 Land
Molten Slagheap 0.75   U1 Land
Saltcrusted Steppe 0.50   U1 Land
Swarmyard 1.50   R1 Land
Terramorphic Expanse 0.50   C1 Land
Urza's Factory 0.50   U1 Land
Vesuva 4.00   R1 Land
AEtherflame Wall 0.10   C1 Red
Ancient Grudge 0.25   C1 Red
Barbed Shocker 0.50   U1 Red
Basalt Gargoyle 0.25   U1 Red
Blazing Blade Askari 0.10   C1 Red
Bogardan Hellkite 7.00   R1 Red
Bogardan Rager 0.10   C1 Red
Bonesplitter Sliver 0.25   C1 Red
Coal Stoker 0.10   C1 Red
Conflagrate 0.50   U1 Red
Empty the Warrens 0.25   C1 Red
Firemaw Kavu 0.25   U1 Red
Flamecore Elemental 0.10   C1 Red
Flowstone Channeler 0.10   C1 Red
Fortune Thief 1.00   R1 Red
Fury Sliver 0.25   U1 Red
Ghitu Firebreathing 0.10   C1 Red
Goblin Skycutter 0.10   C1 Red
Grapeshot 0.25   C1 Red
Greater Gargadon 1.50   R1 Red
Ground Rift 0.10   C1 Red
Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician 1.00   R1 Red
Ignite Memories 0.25   U1 Red
Ironclaw Buzzardiers 0.10   C1 Red
Jaya Ballard, Task Mage 3.00   R1 Red
Keldon Halberdier 0.10   C1 Red
Lightning Axe 0.25   C1 Red
Magus of the Scroll 3.00   R1 Red
Mogg War Marshal 0.10   C1 Red
Norin the Wary 0.50   R1 Red
Orcish Cannonade 0.10   C1 Red
Pardic Dragon 1.00   R1 Red
Plunder 0.10   C1 Red
Reiterate 1.50   R1 Red
Rift Bolt 0.50   C1 Red
Sedge Sliver 2.50   R1 Red
Subterranean Shambler 0.10   C1 Red
Sudden Shock 1.00   U1 Red
Sulfurous Blast 0.50   U1 Red
Tectonic Fiend 0.25   U1 Red
Thick-Skinned Goblin 0.25   U1 Red
Two-Headed Sliver 0.25   C1 Red
Undying Rage 0.25   U1 Red
Viashino Bladescout 0.10   C1 Red
Volcanic Awakening 0.25   U1 Red
Wheel of Fate 1.50   R1 Red
Word of Seizing 0.75   R1 Red
Amrou Scout 0.10   C1 White
Amrou Seekers 0.10   C1 White
Angel's Grace 2.00   R1 White
Benalish Cavalry 0.15   C1 White
Castle Raptors 0.10   C1 White
Cavalry Master 0.25   U1 White
Celestial Crusader 0.50   U1 White
Children of Korlis 0.15   C1 White
Chronosavant 0.50   R1 White
Cloudchaser Kestrel 0.15   C1 White
D'Avenant Healer 0.10   C1 White
Detainment Spell 0.10   C1 White
Divine Congregation 0.10   C1 White
Duskrider Peregrine 0.25   U1 White
Errant Doomsayers 0.10   C1 White
Evangelize 0.75   R1 White
Flickering Spirit 0.10   C1 White
Foriysian Interceptor 0.10   C1 White
Fortify 0.10   C1 White
Gaze of Justice 0.10   C1 White
Griffin Guide 0.25   U1 White
Gustcloak Cavalier 0.25   U1 White
Icatian Crier 0.10   C1 White
Ivory Giant 0.10   C1 White
Jedit's Dragoons 0.10   C1 White
Knight of the Holy Nimbus 0.75   U1 White
Magus of the Disk 2.00   R1 White
Mangara of Corondor 1.00   R1 White
Momentary Blink 0.10   C1 White
Opal Guardian 0.50   R1 White
Outrider en-Kor 0.25   U1 White
Pentarch Paladin 1.50   R1 White
Pentarch Ward 0.10   C1 White
Plated Pegasus 0.25   U1 White
Pull from Eternity 0.25   U1 White
Pulmonic Sliver 1.00   R1 White
Quilled Sliver 0.50   U1 White
Restore Balance 0.75   R1 White
Return to Dust 0.25   U1 White
Serra Avenger 5.00   R1 White
Sidewinder Sliver 0.25   C1 White
Spirit Loop 0.25   U1 White
Temporal Isolation 0.10   C1 White
Tivadar of Thorn 0.75   R1 White
Watcher Sliver 0.25   C1 White
Weathered Bodyguards 0.50   R1 White
Zealot il-Vec 0.10   C1 White

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