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Bloodletter Quill 0.50   R1 Artifact
Boros Signet 0.25   C1 Artifact
Bottled Cloister 0.50   R1 Artifact
Cloudstone Curio 0.50   R1 Artifact
Crown of Convergence 0.50   R1 Artifact
Cyclopean Snare 0.25   U1 Artifact
Dimir Signet 0.25   C1 Artifact
Glass Golem 0.25   U1 Artifact
Golgari Signet 0.25   C1 Artifact
Grifter's Blade 0.25   U1 Artifact
Junktroller 0.25   U1 Artifact
Leashling 0.25   U1 Artifact
Nullstone Gargoyle 0.50   R1 Artifact
Pariah's Shield 0.50   R1 Artifact
Peregrine Mask 0.25   U1 Artifact
Plague Boiler 1.00   R1 Artifact
Selesnya Signet 0.25   C1 Artifact
Spectral Searchlight 0.25   U1 Artifact
Sunforger 1.00   R1 Artifact
Terrarion 0.10   C1 Artifact
Voyager Staff 0.25   U1 Artifact
Blood Funnel 0.50   R1 Black
Brainspoil 0.10   C1 Black
Carrion Howler 0.25   U1 Black
Clinging Darkness 0.10   C1 Black
Dark Confidant 6.00   R1 Black
Darkblast 0.50   U1 Black
Dimir House Guard 0.05   C1 Black
Dimir Machinations 0.50   U1 Black
Disembowel 0.10   C1 Black
Empty the Catacombs 0.50   R1 Black
Golgari Thug 0.25   U1 Black
Helldozer 1.50   R1 Black
Hex 1.00   R1 Black
Hunted Horror 1.50   R1 Black
Infectious Host 0.10   C1 Black
Keening Banshee 0.25   U1 Black
Last Gasp 0.25   C1 Black
Mausoleum Turnkey 0.25   U1 Black
Moonlight Bargain 0.50   R1 Black
Mortipede 0.25   C1 Black
Necromantic Thirst 0.05   C1 Black
Necroplasm 1.00   R1 Black
Netherborn Phalanx 0.25   U1 Black
Nightmare Void 0.50   U1 Black
Ribbons of Night 0.25   U1 Black
Roofstalker Wight 0.10   C1 Black
Sadistic Augermage 0.05   C1 Black
Sewerdreg 0.05   C1 Black
Shred Memory 0.10   C1 Black
Sins of the Past 0.50   R1 Black
Stinkweed Imp 0.10   C1 Black
Strands of Undeath 0.10   C1 Black
Thoughtpicker Witch 0.05   C1 Black
Undercity Shade 0.25   U1 Black
Vigor Mortis 0.50   U1 Black
Vindictive Mob 0.25   U1 Black
Woebringer Demon 0.50   R1 Black
Belltower Sphinx 0.50   U1 Blue
Cerulean Sphinx 0.50   R1 Blue
Compulsive Research 0.50   C1 Blue
Convolute 0.25   C1 Blue
Copy Enchantment 1.00   R1 Blue
Dizzy Spell 0.10   C1 Blue
Drake Familiar 0.10   C1 Blue
Dream Leash 1.00   R1 Blue
Drift of Phantasms 0.25   C1 Blue
Ethereal Usher 0.25   U1 Blue
Eye of the Storm 0.75   R1 Blue
Flight of Fancy 0.05   C1 Blue
Flow of Ideas 0.25   U1 Blue
Followed Footsteps 1.50   R1 Blue
Grayscaled Gharial 0.05   C1 Blue
Grozoth 0.75   R1 Blue
Halcyon Glaze 0.25   U1 Blue
Hunted Phantasm 1.00   R1 Blue
Induce Paranoia 0.10   C1 Blue
Lore Broker 0.25   U1 Blue
Mark of Eviction 0.25   U1 Blue
Mnemonic Nexus 0.25   U1 Blue
Muddle the Mixture 0.25   C1 Blue
Peel from Reality 0.10   C1 Blue
Quickchange 0.05   C1 Blue
Remand 2.50   U1 Blue
Snapping Drake 0.10   C1 Blue
Spawnbroker 0.50   R1 Blue
Stasis Cell 0.05   C1 Blue
Surveilling Sprite 0.05   C1 Blue
Tattered Drake 0.10   C1 Blue
Telling Time 0.75   U1 Blue
Terraformer 0.05   C1 Blue
Tidewater Minion 0.10   C1 Blue
Tunnel Vision 1.00   R1 Blue
Vedalken Dismisser 0.05   C1 Blue
Vedalken Entrancer 0.10   C1 Blue
Wizened Snitches 0.25   U1 Blue
Zephyr Spirit 0.05   C1 Blue
Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran 1.00   R1 Gold
Autochthon Wurm 1.00   R1 Gold
Bloodbond March 0.75   R1 Gold
Boros Guildmage 0.50   U1 Gold
Boros Recruit 0.10   C1 Gold
Boros Swiftblade 0.50   U1 Gold
Brightflame 1.00   R1 Gold
Centaur Safeguard 0.10   C1 Gold
Chorus of the Conclave 1.00   R1 Gold
Circu, Dimir Lobotomist 3.00   R1 Gold
Clutch of the Undercity 0.50   U1 Gold
Congregation at Dawn 0.50   U1 Gold
Consult the Necrosages 0.25   C1 Gold
Dark Heart of the Wood 0.25   U1 Gold
Dimir Cutpurse 3.00   R1 Gold
Dimir Doppelganger 1.50   R1 Gold
Dimir Guildmage 0.50   U1 Gold
Dimir Infiltrator 0.25   C1 Gold
Drooling Groodion 0.25   U1 Gold
Firemane Angel 3.50   R1 Gold
Flame-Kin Zealot 0.25   U1 Gold
Gaze of the Gorgon 0.10   C1 Gold
Glare of Subdual 2.00   R1 Gold
Gleancrawler 1.50   R1 Gold
Glimpse the Unthinkable 6.00   R1 Gold
Golgari Germination 0.25   U1 Gold
Golgari Guildmage 0.50   U1 Gold
Golgari Rotwurm 0.10   C1 Gold
Grave-Shell Scarab 2.00   R1 Gold
Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi 0.25   C1 Gold
Lightning Helix 1.50   U1 Gold
Loxodon Hierarch 6.00   R1 Gold
Lurking Informant 0.05   C1 Gold
Master Warcraft 1.00   R1 Gold
Mindleech Mass 1.00   R1 Gold
Moroii 0.50   U1 Gold
Perplex 0.25   C1 Gold
Phytohydra 1.00   R1 Gold
Pollenbright Wings 0.25   U1 Gold
Privileged Position 2.00   R1 Gold
Psychic Drain 0.50   U1 Gold
Putrefy 1.00   U1 Gold
Rally the Righteous 0.10   C1 Gold
Razia's Purification 1.00   R1 Gold
Razia, Boros Archangel 2.00   R1 Gold
Savra, Queen of the Golgari 0.50   R1 Gold
Searing Meditation 0.75   R1 Gold
Seeds of Strength 0.10   C1 Gold
Selesnya Evangel 0.25   C1 Gold
Selesnya Guildmage 0.50   U1 Gold
Selesnya Sagittars 0.25   U1 Gold
Shadow of Doubt 1.00   R1 Gold
Shambling Shell 0.10   C1 Gold
Sisters of Stone Death 1.00   R1 Gold
Skyknight Legionnaire 0.25   C1 Gold
Sunhome Enforcer 0.25   U1 Gold
Szadek, Lord of Secrets 1.00   R1 Gold
Thundersong Trumpeter 0.25   C1 Gold
Tolsimir Wolfblood 1.00   R1 Gold
Twisted Justice 0.25   U1 Gold
Vulturous Zombie 1.50   R1 Gold
Watchwolf 2.00   U1 Gold
Woodwraith Corrupter 0.50   R1 Gold
Woodwraith Strangler 0.10   C1 Gold
Birds of Paradise 9.00   R1 Green
Bramble Elemental 0.05   C1 Green
Carven Caryatid 1.00   U1 Green
Chord of Calling 0.75   R1 Green
Civic Wayfinder 0.10   C1 Green
Doubling Season 5.00   R1 Green
Dowsing Shaman 0.25   U1 Green
Dryad's Caress 0.10   C1 Green
Elves of Deep Shadow 0.50   C1 Green
Elvish Skysweeper 0.05   C1 Green
Farseek 0.25   C1 Green
Fists of Ironwood 0.25   C1 Green
Gather Courage 0.25   C1 Green
Golgari Brownscale 0.10   C1 Green
Golgari Grave-Troll 1.00   R1 Green
Goliath Spider 0.25   U1 Green
Greater Mossdog 0.10   C1 Green
Hunted Troll 1.00   R1 Green
Ivy Dancer 0.25   U1 Green
Life from the Loam 3.00   R1 Green
Moldervine Cloak 1.00   U1 Green
Nullmage Shepherd 0.25   U1 Green
Overwhelm 0.25   U1 Green
Perilous Forays 0.25   U1 Green
Primordial Sage 1.00   R1 Green
Recollect 0.50   U1 Green
Rolling Spoil 0.25   U1 Green
Root-Kin Ally 0.25   U1 Green
Scatter the Seeds 0.10   C1 Green
Scion of the Wild 1.00   R1 Green
Siege Wurm 0.10   C1 Green
Stone-Seeder Hierophant 0.10   C1 Green
Sundering Vitae 0.10   C1 Green
Transluminant 0.25   C1 Green
Trophy Hunter 0.25   U1 Green
Ursapine 1.00   R1 Green
Vinelasher Kudzu 2.00   R1 Green
Boros Garrison 0.25   C1 Land
Dimir Aqueduct 0.50   C1 Land
Duskmantle, House of Shadow 0.50   U1 Land
Golgari Rot Farm 0.50   C1 Land
Overgrown Tomb 10.00   R1 Land
Sacred Foundry 11.00   R1 Land
Selesnya Sanctuary 0.50   C1 Land
Sunhome, Fortress of the Legio 0.50   U1 Land
Svogthos, the Restless Tomb 0.50   U1 Land
Temple Garden 10.00   R1 Land
Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree 0.50   U1 Land
Watery Grave 11.00   R1 Land
Barbarian Riftcutter 0.10   C1 Red
Blockbuster 0.25   U1 Red
Breath of Fury 0.75   R1 Red
Char 7.00   R1 Red
Cleansing Beam 0.25   U1 Red
Coalhauler Swine 0.10   C1 Red
Dogpile 0.05   C1 Red
Excruciator 0.50   R1 Red
Fiery Conclusion 0.10   C1 Red
Flame Fusillade 0.50   R1 Red
Flash Conscription 0.25   U1 Red
Frenzied Goblin 0.50   U1 Red
Galvanic Arc 0.10   C1 Red
Goblin Fire Fiend 0.10   C1 Red
Goblin Spelunkers 0.10   C1 Red
Greater Forgeling 0.25   U1 Red
Hammerfist Giant 0.75   R1 Red
Hunted Dragon 1.50   R1 Red
Incite Hysteria 0.10   C1 Red
Indentured Oaf 0.25   U1 Red
Instill Furor 0.25   U1 Red
Mindmoil 0.50   R1 Red
Molten Sentry 0.50   R1 Red
Ordruun Commando 0.10   C1 Red
Rain of Embers 0.10   C1 Red
Reroute 0.25   U1 Red
Sabertooth Alley Cat 0.05   C1 Red
Seismic Spike 0.10   C1 Red
Sell-Sword Brute 0.05   C1 Red
Smash 0.10   C1 Red
Sparkmage Apprentice 0.10   C1 Red
Stoneshaker Shaman 0.25   U1 Red
Surge of Zeal 0.10   C1 Red
Torpid Moloch 0.05   C1 Red
Viashino Fangtail 0.10   C1 Red
Viashino Slasher 0.10   C1 Red
War-Torch Goblin 0.10   C1 Red
Warp World 0.50   R1 Red
Wojek Embermage 0.25   U1 Red
Auratouched Mage 0.25   U1 White
Bathe in Light 0.25   U1 White
Benevolent Ancestor 0.10   C1 White
Blazing Archon 1.50   R1 White
Boros Fury-Shield 0.10   C1 White
Caregiver 0.05   C1 White
Chant of Vitu-Ghazi 0.25   U1 White
Concerted Effort 0.75   R1 White
Conclave Equenaut 0.05   C1 White
Conclave Phalanx 0.25   U1 White
Conclave's Blessing 0.10   C1 White
Courier Hawk 0.05   C1 White
Devouring Light 0.75   U1 White
Divebomber Griffin 0.25   U1 White
Dromad Purebred 0.10   C1 White
Faith's Fetters 0.50   C1 White
Festival of the Guildpact 0.25   U1 White
Flickerform 0.50   R1 White
Gate Hound 0.10   C1 White
Ghosts of the Innocent 0.75   R1 White
Hour of Reckoning 1.00   R1 White
Hunted Lammasu 1.00   R1 White
Leave No Trace 0.10   C1 White
Light of Sanction 0.50   R1 White
Loxodon Gatekeeper 1.00   R1 White
Nightguard Patrol 0.05   C1 White
Oathsworn Giant 0.25   U1 White
Sandsower 0.25   U1 White
Screeching Griffin 0.05   C1 White
Seed Spark 0.50   U1 White
Suppression Field 0.50   U1 White
Three Dreams 0.50   R1 White
Twilight Drover 1.00   R1 White
Veteran Armorer 0.10   C1 White
Votary of the Conclave 0.05   C1 White
Wojek Apothecary 0.25   U1 White
Wojek Siren 0.10   C1 White

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