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Boneshard Slasher 0.25   U1 Black
Cabal Ritual 0.75   C1 Black
Cabal Surgeon 0.05   C1 Black
Cabal Torturer 0.05   C1 Black
Carrion Rats 0.05   C1 Black
Carrion Wurm 0.25   U1 Black
Chainer's Edict 1.50   U1 Black
Chainer, Dementia Master 0.50   R1 Black
Crippling Fatigue 0.05   C1 Black
Dawn of the Dead 0.75   R1 Black
Faceless Butcher 0.50   C1 Black
Gloomdrifter 0.25   U1 Black
Gravegouger 0.05   C1 Black
Grotesque Hybrid 0.25   U1 Black
Hypnox 1.50   R1 Black
Ichorid 2.50   R1 Black
Insidious Dreams 0.75   R1 Black
Laquatus's Champion 2.00   R1 Black
Last Laugh 0.50   R1 Black
Mesmeric Fiend 0.25   C1 Black
Mind Sludge 0.50   U1 Black
Mortal Combat 0.75   R1 Black
Mortiphobia 0.25   U1 Black
Mutilate 2.50   R1 Black
Nantuko Shade 7.00   R1 Black
Organ Grinder 0.05   C1 Black
Psychotic Haze 0.05   C1 Black
Putrid Imp 0.25   C1 Black
Rancid Earth 0.25   C1 Black
Restless Dreams 0.05   C1 Black
Sengir Vampire 2.00   R1 Black
Shade's Form 0.05   C1 Black
Shambling Swarm 0.50   R1 Black
Sickening Dreams 0.50   U1 Black
Slithery Stalker 0.25   U1 Black
Soul Scourge 0.05   C1 Black
Strength of Lunacy 0.25   U1 Black
Unhinge 0.05   C1 Black
Waste Away 0.05   C1 Black
Zombie Trailblazer 0.50   U1 Black
Alter Reality 0.50   R1 Blue
Ambassador Laquatus 1.50   R1 Blue
Aquamoeba 0.50   C1 Blue
Balshan Collaborator 0.25   U1 Blue
Breakthrough 0.25   U1 Blue
Cephalid Aristocrat 0.05   C1 Blue
Cephalid Illusionist 0.25   U1 Blue
Cephalid Sage 0.25   U1 Blue
Cephalid Snitch 0.05   C1 Blue
Cephalid Vandal 0.50   R1 Blue
Churning Eddy 0.05   C1 Blue
Circular Logic 2.00   U1 Blue
Compulsion 0.50   U1 Blue
Coral Net 0.05   C1 Blue
Deep Analysis 0.50   C1 Blue
False Memories 0.50   R1 Blue
Ghostly Wings 0.05   C1 Blue
Hydromorph Guardian 0.05   C1 Blue
Hydromorph Gull 0.25   U1 Blue
Liquify 0.05   C1 Blue
Llawan, Cephalid Empress 0.50   R1 Blue
Obsessive Search 0.25   C1 Blue
Plagiarize 0.50   R1 Blue
Possessed Aven 0.50   R1 Blue
Retraced Image 0.50   R1 Blue
Skywing Aven 0.05   C1 Blue
Stupefying Touch 0.25   U1 Blue
Turbulent Dreams 0.50   R1 Blue
Acorn Harvest 0.05   C1 Green
Anurid Scavenger 0.25   U1 Green
Arrogant Wurm 1.50   U1 Green
Basking Rootwalla 0.50   C1 Green
Centaur Chieftain 0.25   U1 Green
Centaur Veteran 0.05   C1 Green
Dwell on the Past 0.25   U1 Green
Far Wanderings 0.25   C1 Green
Gurzigost 0.50   R1 Green
Insist 0.50   R1 Green
Invigorating Falls 0.05   C1 Green
Krosan Constrictor 0.05   C1 Green
Krosan Restorer 0.05   C1 Green
Nantuko Blightcutter 0.50   R1 Green
Nantuko Calmer 0.05   C1 Green
Nantuko Cultivator 0.50   R1 Green
Narcissism 0.25   U1 Green
Nostalgic Dreams 0.50   R1 Green
Parallel Evolution 1.50   R1 Green
Possessed Centaur 0.50   R1 Green
Seton's Scout 0.25   U1 Green
Cabal Coffers 3.00   U1 Land
Tainted Field 0.50   U1 Land
Tainted Isle 0.50   U1 Land
Tainted Peak 0.50   U1 Land
Tainted Wood 0.50   U1 Land
Accelerate 0.05   C1 Red
Balthor the Stout 0.50   R1 Red
Barbarian Outcast 0.05   C1 Red
Crackling Club 0.05   C1 Red
Crazed Firecat 0.25   U1 Red
Devastating Dreams 1.00   R1 Red
Enslaved Dwarf 0.05   C1 Red
Fiery Temper 0.50   C1 Red
Flaming Gambit 0.25   U1 Red
Flash of Defiance 0.05   C1 Red
Grim Lavamancer 8.00   R1 Red
Hell-Bent Raider 0.50   R1 Red
Kamahl's Sledge 0.05   C1 Red
Longhorn Firebeast 0.05   C1 Red
Overmaster 0.50   R1 Red
Pardic Arsonist 0.25   U1 Red
Pardic Collaborator 0.25   U1 Red
Pardic Lancer 0.05   C1 Red
Petradon 0.50   R1 Red
Petravark 0.05   C1 Red
Pitchstone Wall 0.25   U1 Red
Possessed Barbarian 0.50   R1 Red
Pyromania 0.25   U1 Red
Radiate 0.50   R1 Red
Skullscorch 0.75   R1 Red
Sonic Seizure 0.10   C1 Red
Temporary Insanity 0.25   U1 Red
Violent Eruption 0.50   U1 Red
Angel of Retribution 1.00   R1 White
Aven Trooper 0.05   C1 White
Cleansing Meditation 0.25   U1 White
Equal Treatment 0.25   U1 White
Floating Shield 0.05   C1 White
Frantic Purification 0.05   C1 White
Hypochondria 0.25   U1 White
Major Teroh 0.75   R1 White
Militant Monk 0.05   C1 White
Morningtide 1.00   R1 White
Mystic Familiar 0.05   C1 White
Pay No Heed 0.05   C1 White
Possessed Nomad 0.50   R1 White
Reborn Hero 0.50   R1 White
Spirit Flare 0.05   C1 White
Stern Judge 0.25   U1 White
Strength of Isolation 0.25   U1 White
Teroh's Faithful 0.10   C1 White
Teroh's Vanguard 0.25   U1 White
Transcendence 0.50   R1 White
Vengeful Dreams 0.75   R1 White

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